【Utena】 Massini quick hair cover spray black 140g

3D fibers and micro powder adhere to each hair、 giving it a soft and natural volume.
It naturally covers gray hair and makes it less noticeable.
Unscented type that leaves no scent behind.
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Easy and speedy! spray type
○ Contains 3D fiber!
3D fiber and micro fine powder adheres to each strand of hair、 giving it a soft、 natural volume. It naturally covers the gray hair that you care about and does not stand out.
○ Resistant to rain and sweat!
Contains coating and luster ingredients (dimethicone). Resistant to rain and sweat、 it maintains a voluminous feel.
○ Can be washed away with shampoo!
It can be washed off with commercially available shampoo.
I can see my hair growing! *3D volume up system
*By attaching the fine fiber and micro powder to each strand of hair、 the overall appearance of the hair will increase.
○ Coat and gloss ingredients
○ UV cut ingredients
Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate
○ 3D volume up ingredients
Fiber (fiber) talc
○Hair moisturizing ingredient
・Semburi Extract
・Carrot extract
・Protein (water-soluble keratin (wool))
Contains 4 ingredients for hair and scalp
Assembly extract combination (hair moisturizing ingredient)
Contains carrot extract (hair moisturizing ingredient)
Contains UV cut ingredients*1
Contains protein*2 (hair moisturizing ingredient)
*1 Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate
*2 Water-soluble keratin (wool)
Fragrance-free type
Natural finish!


DME、 ethanol、 talc、 (alkyl acrylate/diacetone acrylamide) copolymer AMP、 dimethicone、 nylon-6、 water-soluble keratin (wool)、 assembly extract、 Panax ginseng root extract、 triethoxycaprylylsilane、 ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate、 water. 、 BG、 iron oxide、 carbon black、 red 404、 yellow 205

【how to use】
○ Due to the nature of the product、 be sure to shake the can before use.
○ After styling、 hold about 10 cm away from the area to be used and spray little by little in a circular motion.
○ Do not touch the product for about 5 minutes after use、 and dry it completely. If you are in a hurry、 please use a hair dryer.
*Avoid combing after use.
* Please use a cape or towel so as not to stain your clothes.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【ウテナ】 マッシーニ クイックヘアカバースプレー ブラック 140g