【Earth Corporation】Insect repellent breath α Mickey & Minnie 30 pieces

5 types of cute insect repellent bracelets that kids will love.
This is an insect repellent bracelet containing natural essential oils that insects hate.
Suitable for going out, playing in the park, and outdoors.
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【how to use】
・Keep the product label so that it can be read when necessary.
・Remove the bracelet from the bag and put 2 to 4 bracelets on your wrist or ankle.
・In areas where there are many insects, increase the number of bracelets you use.
・It is effective when used by passing it through both the wrist and ankle.
・The scent lasts for about 12 hours. (When used once a day) However, it varies depending on the usage situation.
・This product is not intended for mosquitoes. If you have a problem with mosquitoes, please use an insect repellent such as Saratect.
-This product does not use chemically synthesized insecticidal ingredients, so its effectiveness is milder than other products that do.
・Effects and duration vary depending on usage environment such as wind direction, air volume, and temperature.
・After opening, please seal the zipper completely and store it.

Lemon eucalyptus oil, naturally derived ingredients, silicone resin

・Keep the product label so that it can be read when necessary.
・Do not use for purposes other than those specified.
・This product is not edible.
・If you experience any abnormalities such as itching, eczema, or redness on your skin during or after use, stop using it immediately and rinse thoroughly with water. If you lick it, please gargle with water. In any case, if you experience any abnormalities in your body after the treatment, please bring this product with you and consult your doctor.
・Families should be especially careful when children use this product, as there is a risk that children may accidentally eat it.
・Please be careful when using this product, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
・This item is a wrist/ankle bracelet. Never use it on other areas such as the neck.
・If you feel tightness or discomfort when applying it to your wrist or ankle, please discontinue use.
・Please do not wrap it tightly when using it as it may cause poor blood circulation.
- Contains lemon eucalyptus oil, a natural essential oil that insects dislike, but it is not effective against all insects.
・When disposing of it, please dispose of it according to the method specified by each local government.

[Storage precautions]
- Avoid direct sunlight and fire, and store in a cool place out of reach of children.
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Japanese Product Name【アース製薬】 虫よけブレスαミッキー&ミニー 30p