【Bandai】 First Aid Bandage Chikawa 18 sheets

It comes in two sizes: a junior size that is easy to use, and a mini size that is easy to use for small injuries such as fingers.
It has fine holes that increase breathability and uses a specially processed pad that is gentle on scratches.
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【Product specifications】
[Set contents] Junior size bandages x 9 pieces, mini size bandages x 9 pieces [Efficacy] Protects wounds such as cuts, scrapes, and sores. [Material] Tape: Polyolefin Pad: Polyolefin, Rayon [Size] Junior size: Approx. 60mm x 19mm Mini size: Approx. 52mm x 15mm

[Note] *For parents/guardians, please be sure to read this. (1) If you leave the pad wet or dirty, the wound will not heal properly, so please replace it. (Please change the patch once or twice a day.) (2) If you experience symptoms such as rash, redness, or itching when using this product, stop using it and consult your doctor or pharmacist. .
More Information
Japanese Product Name【バンダイ】 救急ばんそうこうちいかわ 18枚