【Bandai】 Children's toothbrush set of 3 Chikawa

Comes with a thumb stopper that makes it easy for children to grasp and understand the correct grip.
Comes with a sticker to protect the written name from falling off, so you can use it on the go or at school.
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【how to use】
★Design sticker
Please use your favorite sticker by pasting it on the toothbrush. The seal is water resistant.
★Name protection sticker
Write your name directly on the back of the grip with a permanent marker, then cover it with a protective sticker. The written name will be difficult to erase.

[Set details]
3 toothbrushes, design sticker, name protection sticker, bonus sticker

[Standard overview]
・Handle material: polypropylene, hair material: nylon
・Hair hardness: Normal
・Heat-resistant temperature: 100 degrees
・For elementary school students (6 to 12 years old)

*Please be sure to read this for parents/guardians.
・When the bristles open, replace the toothbrush with a new one.
・If you bite hard on the hair, the hair may fall out or break, so please instruct your child to brush their teeth properly.
・Please be careful not to run with the soap in your mouth.
・Children often chew on their hair, and the strands of hair may fall out along with the clasp, causing them to get stuck in their throats or hurt their mouths.
Check it every time you use it, and if the hair is noticeably sticking out, use a new brush.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【バンダイ】 こどもハブラシ3本セット ちいかわ