【DHC】 Vitamin D 60 tablets

Vitamin D produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet rays).
Recommended for those who spend most of the day indoors、 avoid UV rays、 and are concerned about aging.
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White blood cells、 the protagonists of immune cells that fight pathogens.
Among them、 lymphocytes play a central role in immune function.
Vitamin D activates T cells and B cells、 which are lymphocytes.
T cells suppress the power of cytokines that transmit information in the immune system、 and B cells promote immunoglobulin production.

【raw materials】
Maltose (domestic production) / cellulose、 sucrose fatty acid ester、 fine silicon dioxide、 vitamin D3

[Nutrition facts label]
Per 150 mg per grain
Energy ... 0.6kcal
Protein ... 0.01g
Lipid ... 0.0g
Carbohydrate ... 0.14g
Equivalent amount of salt ... 0.0003 g
Vitamin D ... 25.0 μg

[Usage and dosage]
Take 1 capsule daily without chewing with water or lukewarm water.

[Precautions for use]
・ Please check the ingredients and do not eat if you have food allergies.
・This product is not intended for the diagnosis、 treatment、 or prevention of diseases.
・ This product is not a food product developed for people suffering from illness、 minors、 pregnant women (including those planning to become pregnant) and lactating women.
・ If you have a disease、 consult your doctor、 and if you are taking medicines、 consult your doctor or pharmacist.
・ If you feel any change in your physical condition、 stop taking it immediately and consult a doctor.

【Preservation method】
・ Store out of direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.
・ Keep out of reach of children.
・ After opening、 close the opening tightly and consume as soon as possible.
More Information
Japanese Product Name【DHC】 ビタミンD 60粒