HG Premier Powder


HG Premier Powder

Focusing on the glycan nutrients contained in organic aloe vera,
Veratosa, a unique ingredient that can supplement all eight types of glycan nutrients (organic aloe vera, swallow's nest, glucosamine, etc.)
It is a powdered granular food that contains

22 other lactic acid bacteria that support glycan
Excellent nutritional ingredients such as ceramide to support age beauty
Richly formulated.

What are "glycoside nutrients" !?

Glycan are the third chain of life
"Glycan" are components that naturally exist in our bodies,
It is said to be the "third chain of life" that is indispensable for being healthy.

The first chain of life: protein = material that makes the body
The Second Chain of Life: DNA = Blueprint for Life

Such image of glycan

Carbohydrates are closely attached to the surface of each cell in our body,
and are one of the essential elements of healthyness like vitamins and minerals!

Modern people lack glycan!

Glycan are also produced in the liver based on glucose and galactose,
but if the liver is tired due to excessive drinking and stress, the ability to make glycan decreases with aging, and especially in modern society,
healthy Insufficient glycan are regarded as a problem even in humans.

Care for the environment inside the bacteria "22 kinds of lactic acid bacteria" formula!

17 kinds of lactic acid bacteria and 5 kinds of bifidobacteria
More than 30 billion pieces per box!
It is important to supplement lactic acid bacteria to balance good bacteria, bad bacteria and opportunistic bacteria.

The ideal balance is
[Good bacteria 2: Opportunistic bacteria 7: Good bacteria 1]
In addition, abundant dietary fiber that feeds good bacteria.
Indigestible dextrin inulin etc.
Extracted from "corn" and "sugar cane".
No genetically modified products are used.

No preservatives, colorings or fragrances.

Contents:3g × 31package

Japanese Product NameHGプレミアパウダー