Tenga Egg Thunder

Thunder Egg, 53 g
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Tenga Egg Thunder. Product colour: Green,Grey,White, Material: Silicone. Width: 53 mm, Depth: 53 mm, Height: 70 mm

Firm, vertical lightning edges provide a strong, sharp sensation. Feel the peaks and troughs of thunderous sensations as you stroke up and down, or twist around the head for the full effect of these large, defined ribs.

Impressions of actually using TENGA EGG Thunder

The material is a soft silicone type, and when touched, it was pleasant and impressive.

Because it grows well, I think that it can be used regardless of small people or large people.

Silicon onahoru has some tips on how to use it.

    Tips for using silicon-based Onaho
  • 1. Prepare lotion
  • 2. Take hold of the Onahoru and completely remove the air inside
  • 3. After deflating, apply lotion to it
  • 4.Insert the deflated onahoru and the lotion over it

This will make the lotion drizzle a bit and increase the vacuum!

The "pressure" that is important in the onahoru after insertion, but TENGA EGG can be controlled freely with your own hands because the material is soft.

You can insert it all the way to the back, or gently stroke it.

The excitement level is high, and it feels good that early people can ejaculate in less than a minute.

tenga egg how to01
tenga egg how to02
tenga egg how to03
More Information
Japanese Product NameTENGAエッグサンダー
Product colourGreen,Grey,White
Width53 mm
Depth53 mm
Height70 mm
Weight53 g