Salonpas Salon Pass Lotion 85ml

Salonpas Salon Pass Lotion 85ml, Liquid, Pain relief,Relaxing, Ferbinac, Roll on bottle, Roller ball, Stainless steel
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Salonpas Salon Pass Lotion 85ml. Substance: Liquid, Treatment effects: Pain relief,Relaxing, Active ingredient: Ferbinac. Volume: 85 ml
More Information
Japanese Product Nameサロンパスローション85ml
Volume85 ml
Treatment effectsPain relief,Relaxing
Active ingredientFerbinac
Dispenser typeRoll on bottle
Applicator typeRoller ball
Applicator materialStainless steel
Health effectsInflammation relief
Indications for useArthralgia,Back pain,Bruises,Muscular fatigue,Muscular pain,Neck stiffness,Pain from fractures,Pain in the elbow,Shoulder pain,Sprains,Tendinitis,Ulcers
Nonanoic acid vanillylamide content (per 100g)0.015 g
Salicylic acid glycol content (per 100g)3 g
Nicotinic acid benzyl ester content (per 100g)0.02 g
L-Menthol content (per 100g)5 g
Glycyrrhetinic acid content (per 100g)0.05 g