Ryukakusan 90g

Powdered herbal medicine, 90 g
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Ryukakusan 90g. Proper use: Internal use, Target audience: Adults, Dosage form: Powder

Ryukakusan is a superfine powdered herbal medicine which is good for your throat, you can take without using water.
Works on sore throat, directly soothe tough cough, phlegm and other throat irritating symptoms.
Herbal medicine fine powder Ryukakusan is a throat medicine to take without water.
It acts directly on the throat and relieves painful skin, tongue and discomfort.

Herbal medicine saponin ingredients such as fine powdered kyoto and senega act directly on the affected area of ​​the throat.
It activates the cilia movement of the weakened throat, facilitates the discharge of tongue, and calms the cough.
The mild effect unique to herbal medicines relieves painful and gentle symptoms.

Efficacy / effect
Cough, throat, throat inflammation, throat throat, throat discomfort, throat pain, throat swelling
Dosage / dose Please take with the attached sag (0.3g per cup).
Adult (15 years old and over): 1 cup (0.3g) with attached saji 3-6 times a day
● Ryukakusan is a drug that acts directly on the mucous membrane of the throat and shows its effect.
● Please take without water.

Ingredients / Amount
(1.8g (daily dose)
Kyokyo powder 70mg
Kyonin powder 5.0mg
Senega powder 3.0mg
Daylily powder 50mg

Additives: Carbonic acid Ca, hydrogen phosphate Ca, Mg carbonate, benzoic acid, fragrance
More Information
Japanese Product Name龍角散90g
Proper useInternal use
Target audienceAdults & Children
Dosage formPowder
Capacity90 g
Minimum age0.25 yr(s)
Dispenser typePot