NOBEL Confectionery Nobel VC3000 Throat lozenge 90g

NOBEL Confectionery Nobel VC3000 Throat lozenge 90g, Lemon, Anti-sore throat candy, Yellow, 90 g, Vitamine C, Bag
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NOBEL Confectionery Nobel VC3000 Throat lozenge 90g. Flavour: Lemon, Product type: Anti-sore throat candy, Product colour: Yellow. Energy value (per serving): 8.5 kcal, Fat content (per serving): 0.01 g, Protein content (per serving): 0.01 g
More Information
Japanese Product NameVC-3000のど飴90g
Product typeAnti-sore throat candy
Product colourYellow
Weight90 g
IngredientsVitamine C
Package typeBag
Energy value (per serving)8.5 kcal
Fat content (per serving)0.01 g
Protein content (per serving)0.01 g
Salt content (per serving)0.004 g
Thiamine (vitamin B1) content (per serving)0.007 mg
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) content (per serving)0.008 mg
Carbohydrate content (per serving)3.72 g
Vitamin C content (per 100 g)140 mg