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SENKA Perfect Whip u, Women, Moisturizing, 120 g, Floral, Hyaluronic acid, 1.5 month(s)
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SENKA Perfect Whip u. Suitable for: Women, Skin care effect: Moisturizing, Volume: 120 g. Package width: 70 mm, Package depth: 45 mm, Package height: 158 mm

“Shiseido“ Face Wash Senka Perfect Whip u ”
A facial cleanser that wraps your skin with dense white eyebrows and rinses it gently and moistly.

Contains natural silk essence and W hyaluronic acid .
A new moisture-introducing technology that makes you feel moisturized after washing.
Gorgeous floral scent that gently scents.

Elastic foam with high moisture retention serves as a cushion,
Protects the moisture of important skin without damaging the skin because it lasts while washing.
In addition, fine, ultra-micro rich bubbles

Rinse well and gently to the back of pores and skin grooves.

You can experience the rich white eyebrows of the face-washing special course that leads to beautiful skin.

Shiseido's original “moisture introduction technology” has evolved,
moisturizing moisturizing and moisturizing skin is introducing moisture components necessary for the skin,
Shiseido's original technology that keeps moisture.

"Natural origin silk essence", a common moisturizing ingredient of the face-washing specialty brand
Deliver “W hyaluronic acid” to the back of the skin to further enhance the moisturizing effect.

While the cleaning ingredients wrap and remove the dirt on the skin,
Moisture-introducing and moisturizing ingredients penetrate firmly into the skin.

Washing up is a feeling of moisture.

More Information
Japanese Product Name専科パーフェクトホイップn
Suitable forWomen
Skin care effectMoisturizing
Constitutive ingredientsHyaluronic acid
Volume120 g
Dermatologically testedYes
Period After Opening (PAO)1.5 month(s)
Country of originJapan
Package width70 mm
Package depth45 mm
Package height158 mm