ROIHI Loihi Tsubo plaster Cool 156 sheets

Ø 2.8 cm, 156 pieces
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ROIHI Loihi Tsubo plaster Cool 156 sheets. Product colour: Beige, Active ingredient: Methyl salicylate, L-Menthol, Therapy effect: Cooling. Diameter: 2.8 cm

Active ingredient methyl salicylate and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as L-Menthol soothe stiff shoulders and intolerable back, joint, and muscular pain with excellent effectiveness.
The small, round plasters are discreet and easy to apply by yourself, their elasticity providing a good fit with the skin.

Easy-to-apply round shape
This round, 2.8 cm diameter sized plaster is easy to apply and pinpoints spots needing relief. Despite its surprisingly small size, the plaster soothes quickly. Box contains a convenient 156 plasters.

Cool stimulationquickly soothes intolerable pain.
The active ingredient methyl salicylate and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as L-Menthol in this cool-type plaster soothe stiff shoulders and intolerable back, joint, and muscular pain quickly.

Barely noticeable! Adheres firmly
The plaster is a beige color that blends with the skin (in other works, skin-tone), so unless you look at it up close, it is barely perceptible to the eye. Not only that, the plaster has outstanding adhesiveness!
Using NICHIBAN’s unique technology cultivated through tape manufacturing, the plaster fits perfectly against stiffness in the shoulders and other areas of the body and does not easily fall off, even with vigorous movement. In fact, the plaster feels so comfortable on the skin, you’ll forget its even there.

Gentle fit sensation
The plaster is made from stretchy polyester knitted fabric, and so fits well with the skin with no sense of discomfort when applied. In this aspect, too, please enjoy the essence of NICHIBAN’s technology, which is continuously developing adhesive plasters that give careful consideration to the skin.
More Information
Japanese Product Nameロイヒつぼ膏クール
Product colourBeige
Therapy effectCooling
Active ingredientMethyl salicylate, L-Menthol
Indications for useBack pain,Bruises,Fracture pain,Joint pain,Muscle fatigue,Muscle pain,Sprains,Stiff shoulder
Easy to applyYes
Quantity per pack156
DL-Camphor content (per serving)3300 mg
Methyl salicylate content (per serving)6700 mg
L-Menthol content (per serving)6700 mg
How to use1. Lightly bend the film so that the edge of a ROIHI-TSUBOKO™COOL plaster lifts up slightly.
2. Pull the lifted part to peel the plaster off the film.
3. Press your shoulder/neck area with your fingers to find points where there is stiffness.
Package typeBox
Diameter2.8 cm