Lion PAIR acne cream W 14g

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PAIR Lion acne cream W 14g, Unisex, Cream, Anti-acne,Anti-pimple, Tube
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PAIR Lion acne cream W 14g. Suitable for: Unisex, Substance: Cream, Skin care effect: Anti-acne,Anti-pimple

・ The active ingredient ibuprofen piconol suppresses the generation of comedones by acne bacteria, and also treats pimples and acne from the beginning to reduce inflammation (red acne).

・ Furthermore, the active ingredient isopropylmethylphenol sterilizes acne bacteria that worsen the symptoms and suppresses the progress of breakouts and acne.

Since it is a cream that stretches on the skin and becomes transparent, you can apply makeup after applying it.

・As it is a cream that doesn't become sticky to the skin, you can use it after washing your face in the morning and evening, as well as before going out or when you go out.

・PH (slightly acidic) close to the skin

・A faint and pleasant scent of plant

Adult acne

Prescription pair series

Once cured, it is difficult to cure and the symptoms tend to repeat ... it may be an acne in an adult.
Unlike acne during adolescence, the cause of adult acne in the late 20s is Various things such as lifestyle habits, stress, hormonal imbalance.
Pair series has various lineups from prevention to treatment of acne, You can choose the method that suits each person's condition.

Inflamed and effective

Recommended for people with these symptoms

  • Acne on the face line
  • Acne that does not heal easily due to inflammation
  • Acne that became hard due to clogged pores
  • Acne that seems to remain in the atmosphere

Acne that tends to be a face line and is prone to inflammation becomes harder to cure and becomes more likely to become an ato.

Use step

Face wash

Apply Pear Acne Cream W to acne

Skin care (lotion, milky lotion, etc.)

More Information
Japanese Product Name★ペアアクネクリームW14g
Suitable forUnisex
Skin care effectAnti-acne,Anti-pimple
Dispenser typeTube