ARAX Pitta mask white 3P

ARAX Pitta mask white 3P, White, 3 pc(s), Polyurethane (PU), Fine dust,Pollen,Viruses
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ARAX Pitta mask white 3P. Product colour: White, Quantity per pack: 3 pc(s), Material: Polyurethane (PU)

【Product Features】
By making the new polyurethane material into a three-dimensional network structure with porous filter technology,
the pollen collection rate is 99%, but it is highly breathable and easy to breathe.
A soft, stretchable polyurethane material that doesn't create a gap between the face and pollen,
but doesn't hurt your ears even when worn for a long time.
Even after three washes, the pollen collection rate remains 99% and is economical.
Even if you wear the mask while wearing glasses, the glasses will not fog up.

【how to use】
Remove the mask one by one from the inner bag.
1. Check the top and bottom of the mask and spread it left and right.
2. Pull the ear hook and put the mask on both ears.
3. Lightly press from above the mask to ensure tight contact.

Pollen, cold, dust, etc.

【Country of origin】

【Raw materials / components】

99% pollen cut * Easy to breathe while maintaining
By making the polyurethane material into a three-dimensional network structure using porous filter technology, it cuts pollen by 99%.
In addition, the cell membrane that obstructs air permeability has been completely removed,
enabling "overwhelming air permeability".

Do not create a gap for pollen
The soft, elastic polyurethane material is close to the face and does not create a gap for pollen,
and it is a comfortable fit that won't hurt your ears even if you wear it for a long time.

Wash and use repeatedly
Even if it is washed three times and used repeatedly,
the filter performance keeps the pollen 99% cut *, so it is economical.

Cut UV
"Not only pollen but also harmful UV rays are cut.
UV cut rate 98% *
UPF 50 + *
* Kaken Test Center

4 Masks are getting fun
For example, how do you get a mask to be chosen like clothing?
For example, how do you encourage children to wear masks?
PITTA MASK's color variations aren't just to stand out.
It's a color variation that matches the feelings of children in adult fashion.

More Information
Japanese Product NamePITTA MASK3枚
Product colourWhite
MaterialPolyurethane (PU)
Filtering capabilityFine dust,Pollen,Viruses
Nose fitterYes
Ultraviolet (UV) protectionYes
Quantity per pack3 pc(s)
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